High Desert Sonic Institute


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High Desert Sonic Institute was founded by Jacob Erwin in the effort to spread his love of both electricity and music.


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Not long after I began playing music, I realized I would never be the musical genius of those I aspired to sound like. So I decided to keep music close in a different way: I would become an instrument tech and builder and play a supporting role in the music scene I found myself surrounded by. I spent most of the first decade of this century teaching myself everything I could about guitars and their amplifier counterparts, and eventually enrolled at the Robert-Venn School of Luthiery in 2010 to take my knowledge into the professional realm. Since graduating, I've split my time between building amps, repairing guitars and working as an electrician. Electricity and music remain my two biggest passions, and the marriage between the two contains endless magic and excitement for me, which I hope to share with others. Not only do I want others to learn the joys of working with the exciting technology of vacuum tubes, I also want to help musicians reach deeper levels of understanding and control over their instruments, and therefore their music.