High Desert Sonic Institute


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Guitar Repair

With a certificate from Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery and years of experience working for renowned shops, I am well qualified to help you maximize your guitar playing experience. I offer basic guitar setups on electric guitars and basses and can repair/replace the electronics on your guitar as well.

Amp Repair

I have been designing, building and repairing tube amps for almost a decade and love bringing older amps back to life. Wether you are looking for a re-tube re-bias, mods, or a new cabinet, I am excited to help you get the most out of your amp. Check our pricing breakdown below.

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Amplifier Repair Pricing

Our Bench Fee for giving an assessment and estimate of work needed is $25.

Hourly rate for repairs is $60, $50 for locals.

Included in the first hour is the bench fee, tube check and re-bias, any cleaning and tightening of components and replacement of easily accessible components. Typically an hour gets most amplifiers good and going. Things that may increase the time above 1 hour include:

  • Transformer replacement

  • Tube socket replacement

  • Working on an amplifier with PCB’s that need to be removed to access components

  • Extensive replacement of components such as a ‘Cap Job’

  • Other repairs that require more time

Power cord replacement is a flat $15 plus the cost of the cord.

Speaker replacement is a flat $25 labor per speaker, plus the cost of the speaker.

For full-on rebuilds of dead or old amps, check out our Rebuild page!

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